Tips And Tricks On How To Make Small Talk At Holiday Parties

Awkward Holiday Party

'Tis the season for parties on parties on parties. Whether it's your work holiday party, or a family birthday you WILL find yourself in a conversation of small talk at one point or another. Well this week on the Life in Spanglish podcast starring Honey German and Carolina Bermudez they break down some of their awkwardest conversations as well as some key notes on how to survive parties filled with small talk! Here are some of the takeaways: 

1. Never Ask If Someone Is Pregnant 

Carolina was recently at her nephew's birthday party when she thought she was talking to one person who she had seen on Instagram was pregnant. Well.... turns out she was talking to a woman with the same name as this pregnant woman and well.... she was not pregnant. Talk about awkward! However after telling her the situation the woman was completely understanding. Maybe we should stay clear of that question or comment all together until the woman brings it up. 

2. Say Hello To Everyone 

Carolina and Honey had contrasting views on this one. Honey likes to say hello to everyone in the room, even when she isn't a host. At the Power 105.1 holiday party, Honey made sure to say hello to everyone. Meanwhile, Carolina didn't think you had to say hello to everyone unless you are the hosting the party. Who do you stand with?

3. Have A Safe Word 

Carolina and her husband have a safe word for conversations. This word indicates when one of them wants the conversation to end. Smart idea when your stuck in a conversation with someone that should be a quick 'how are you?' when all of a sudden the conversation takes a turn for deep talk or awkwardness. Pick a word with your significant other in order to GET OUT while you can! 

4. Never Bring Up Politics Or Sports 

Try to stay away from topics that someone may have a passionate opinion on. Bringing up a sports team or politics could cause a heated debate that you just don't want to be a part of. 

5. Keep It Light 

"Keep it light," says Carolina. Honey suggests conversational questions like 'how's your mom, how's your kid,' if your stuck for questions. Keeping it light and general can help you maneuver your way through the party and talking to everyone rather than being in one conversation all night long. 

Hope these tips and tricks help you during this holiday season! Listen below for the full episode of Life in Spanglish titled Dealing with Rude Questions + Girl Code Violations in Cliques

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