Honey German & Carolina Bermudez Share Inspiration Behind Life In Spanglish

Do you live a life in Spanglish? Well now there is a podcast hosted by Honey German and Carolina Bermudez that relates to you! After launching, Life in Spanglish last week [December 4th 2018], the podcast has seen great success reaching #14 on iTunes. In the podcast Honey and Carolina take on topics like career, the struggles of weight, as well as how they stay connected to their Latin roots by living in a life of "spanglish." 

I was able to sit down with the ladies and ask what inspired them to start a podcast like this as well as their hope for the future of the show! 

What Inspired You To Start A Podcast? 

Honey: The lack of podcasts that I could relate to.  I went searching and found nothing that connected with my lifestyle, how I grew up or my traditions. I also wanted to connect with people on a deeper level, there's only so much that can be said during a typical radio talk break.  Also, I find value in my struggles if it they can be shared with others to learn from.

Carolina: For me, it’s a platform that I’ve never explored on my own, so I wanted to go all in and try something different!  I’ve been a guest on other people’s podcasts and loved the freedom to talk about various subjects without being pressed for time (like on any radio show). I have also been looking for a way to extend my reach and connect on a deeper level with our audience who may want to spend more time with us throughout their day!  

What do you hope your listeners takeaway from the show? 

Honey: That we’re all in this together, we’re all one big family dealing with the same issues. Also, there's a huge lack of representation in media when it comes to the Latin community, creating something for us by us was a goal for me.

Carolina: If anything, my hope for “Life in Spanglish” is  for our listeners to feel a common bond with us.  Honey and I couldn’t have been raised in more different environments, yet we share many of the same life experiences and I think that really speaks to our culture. When Honey and I first started discussing the possibility of working together, we promised that we would be honest. About everything. I want our podcast to be a safe place to ask questions, share thoughts, discuss issues, talk about motherhood, relationships, sex, etc. Nothing is off limits! 

What are the differences between what you do on the radio and what you will be doing on the podcast? 

Honey: Traditional Radio breaks are much shorter, censored and all about business. This will be raw talk with no filter, we're straight giving our listeners life gems. There's no clock counting down in front of our faces, so if we're deep in conversation about marriage struggles there's no stopping the conversation until we've said our last word.

Carolina: I get to work with my best friend Cubby every morning and our show is at a point where we know each others thoughts and timing to a T! I couldn’t ask for a better work relationship. Our show is very regimented in the morning (as it has to be) and we have to adhere to a clock so it doesn’t leave as much time for lengthy discussions. What I’d like to do on the “Life in Spanglish” podcast is discuss topics without time constraints and from a different perspective; female to female, Latina to Latina. I’ve already gained so much knowledge from working with Honey in such a small amount of time so this will be a whole new way of operating for me!  

Where can people listen? 

Carolina: Thanks to our amazing EP Andrew Pugliese, we can be heard of course on the iHeartRadio app in the podcast section.  We are also available on Apple podcasts, Spotify and Spreaker- just search for “Life in Spanglish”! Hope everyone enjoys it as much as we do! 

You can also listen below! 

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