Casanova Opens Up About Mental Strains Of Being Incarcerated

Casanova had spent some time behind bars before and came on The Breakfast Club to speak about how he is still mentally affected by it. We often hear stories of people having PTSD from being incarcerated and Casanova can vouch for that. He is proud to say that he was one of the ones who survived the mental turmoil of the incarceration process, "I had to learn everything by myself and that put me on an emotional roller coaster." 

During the interview Casanova comes to the realization that he made need to seek therapy in order to be able to let out what he's feeling. He addresses that it's hard to talk about your feelings because you don't want to seem weak. 

Cass took to Instagram with the caption: 

"Never tell your problems to anyone...20% don't care and the other 80% are glad you have them 🤫I hope this dont go over y’all heads..Just donated a buck to change 4 change you should donate too.." 

He has donated towards mental illness and so should you! Text "Change" to 51282 to be a part of this amazing fundraiser! 

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