Brandon Marshall Calls In To Donate During #Change4Change

Brandon Marshall called in to talk his personals battles with mental illness as well as to donate during The Breakfast Club's Change 4 Change Radiothon.

Brandon Marshall discusses how his personal struggle mental illness has both helped AND hurt him with his football career. Marshall explains that when you go through tough times in your workspaces, it really holds you back. On the other hand, he speaks about how learning to cope and pushing through really unlocked his full potential. "If my mental fitness is right, that's how I'll achieve everything I can."

Later, Brandon acknowledged that by talking about his own struggles with mental illness, other people on his team were more inclined to come forward and admit their personal struggles. Once you start talking, others are more inclined to talk. 

Thank you Brandon for your insight and donation! Text "Change" to 52182 to Donate! and help us raise money to support Mental Health Awareness with all proceeds going to Project 375

For more information on how you can donate here.

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