Uncle Snoop Receives Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star!

You read it right!  Snoop Dogg, better know as everyone's favorite Uncle Snoop, will be honored with his own star on the 'Hollywood Walk Of Fame'. About time isn't it? 

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce made the announcement that Snoop will receive the honor come Nov 19. making his star the 2651st star on the famous strip. He will be recognized in the recording category and his star will be placed right in front of "Jimmy Kimmel Live". Lucky for Snoop, Jimmy Kimmel will actually be there to honor him on the achievement. 

So, how do stars like Snoop Dogg get a star on the strip? It only takes a few steps... and a whole lot of cash: 

  1. star candidates have to be famous for at least five years, in a core entertainment category—television, movies, radio, live theatre and music. Reality and Internet stars are notably excluded
  2. All star applications must include a written statement from the star candidate, confirming that a) they want a star and b) they will attend the unveiling ceremony if their application is accepted.
  3. All star applications carry a $30,000 sponsorship fee. Half goes to the Hollywood Historic Trust, which maintains the Walk of Fame.
  4. a select group of Hollywood critics meet to review sponsors’ applications—including, most crucially, the star biographies submitted by their personal managers.
  5. Each star is unveiled in a grand ceremony, attended by the stars’ fans and other celebrities.
  6. celebrities get stars solely on the basis of career merit.

Congratulations Uncle Snoop on the OG honor! We wonder how he'll choose to celebrate but we're sure it will be gassed up. 

Photos @ GettyImages. 

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