The Info You Need For The NYC Halloween Parade!

The NYC Halloween Parade is holding their 45th Annual Parade TONIGHT starting a 7PM but the Parade takes until 9PM to get moving. 

Here are some tips on where to go, how to participate, and where to watch the parade. 

Tip #1 The streets are almost always crowded between Bleecker and 14th Street, so getting to the parade early is a must!

How To Participate: 

1. Wear Your Costume! ONLY costumed marchers are allowed in the Parade.

2. Show Up on Sixth Ave at CANAL Street.

 3. Arrive between 6:30PM and 9PM or you might miss the Parade! The subway is the best way to get there. Parking is always annoying so you know the Parade will make it even worse.

4. Find your friends, good music or a group to march with. 

 5. Follow the crowd up Sixth Avenue (DO NOT go down Sixth Avenue, the police will stop you!)

6.  Stay at their official hotel of the night: The Hotel Hayden. 

Where To Watch The Parade:

By Train:

  • Sixth Avenue (B,D,F,Q) to 23rd, 14th or West 4th Street Stations
  • Seventh Avenue (1,2,3,9) to 23rd, 18th, 14th, Sheridan Square or Houston Street
  • Eighth Avenue (A,C,E) to West 4th Street, Spring (this station is closest to the Line Up area) or Canal Street Stations

By The Path (NJ residences):

  • Take the 33rd Street Train to one of the Sixth Avenue Stations at 9th, 14th or 23rd Streets stations. 

By The Bus:

  • Buses along Sixth Avenue will be re-routed from 6PM until the parade is over, so consider taking different routes. 
  • For 24 Hour NYC Travel Information Contact: 718-330-1234

Photos @ Getty Images.


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