Juice Wrld Fires Back At His Haters: “5x Platinum Is A Really Funny Joke”

Fresh off his Powerhouse NYC set, Juice Wrld joined DJ Self backstage. Still popping after the success of his song "Lucid Dreams" and now his new record "Fine China" with Future is getting a lot of recognition. Things are really happening for Juice right now, “I don’t want to say too fast, but super fast." How does he handle all of the recent fame? “I just gotta stay level headed," he tells DJ Self, “I just remind myself where I came from." 

Some people have a problem with the way Juice came up in the business. Saying coming up from Soundcloud is a "joke." Well Juice has something to say to the people saying things like that. "If you think about it I feel like most artists Travis Scott has a sound cloud... That's just really their opinion." He continues saying "5x platinum is a really funny joke.” 

With that, the advice Juice has for his fans, "Don’t let anybody ever tell you, you can’t do it,” He continues saying, “If it’s meant to happen, it’ll happen.” 

Watch Juice Wrld's full interview with DJ Self below. 

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