Ella Mai Thinks Cardi B Is "Amazing"

Ella Mai is on fire right now. As she sits down with Angie Martinez before hitting the Powerhouse NYC stage, she explains how "Boo'd Up" has changed her life, "It's done a complete 180," says Ella Mai. Her "Debut Tour" will be hitting our side of the world from February to March and we can't wait to see what's to come from it. “On tour it’s solely your fans and they probably know every single word”

Originally from England, she moved out to Queens when she was in Middle School. She stated in an interview with Angie Martinez back in May, that moving to Jamaica Queens was a huge culture shock for her because in England you grow up with the same people throughout your entire school career. Something that she didn't like about moving here was when everyone would ask her to speak because of her accent. She really didn't fall in love and appreciate New York till high school, in which she graduated in 2012.

The next 5 years Ella Mai wants to continue “growing as a person and growing as an artist." She continues telling Angie Martinez she wants to be "working with more people and collaborating with people." 

As far as Sunday's Powerhouse NYC, Ella Mai is most excited to see Cardi B. “I saw her at Coachella and haven’t seen her since," Ella Mai continues "I know it’s going to be amazing." 

Watch Ella Mai's full interview with Angie Martinez below! 

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