"Quavo Huncho," Dropped Today!

If it’s not Cardi making her move, its Migos

Quavo dropped his solo album "Quavo Huncho," earlier today, did you listen yet?  

The album features Hip Hop artists, such as,  Kid Cudi , 21 Savage, Drake, Offset and more. Quavo also features Fifth Harmony artist Normani and Afrobeat artists Davido on one of his tracks called “Swing.” 

In addition to the features, according to XXL,  he also references his relationship to Nicki Minaj in “Huncho Dreams" a reciprocate to "Barbie Dreams."

Check out the lyrics below: 

No “FEFE,” I skeet-skeet (“FEFE”) on yo’ face a** (Face a**, brrt-brrt)

Called up Huncho to come tap that a** (Swear)

Pull up on you, autotune when I grip that a** (Skeet, skeet)

Pullin’ on yo’ weave, ‘cross the room when I pipe that a** (Pipe it)

I see a queen on a tree-tree (What you see?)

She like the ride new boy tree-tree (Yeah, new boy)

I see a queen on the tree-tree (What you see?)

She like the ride that boy tree-tree (Yeah, new boy)

Nicki (Nicki), do you love me? (Please)

How do you feel about the album? Do you think Nicki will answer Quavo's question? 

Let us know what you think.

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