Disconnected & Out Of Touch Entertainers in 2018


Joe Budden recently made a statement on his show ‘State Of The Culture’ on Revolt:

“I'm off of Kayne and his shenanigans, I'm off of Nicki and the shenanigans, I'm off Em and the shenanigans. I'm off of all these disconnected, out of touch entertainers that are doing nothing but clinging on to these young ni**as, clout chasing.”

Is it possible that fame has gotten the best of our seasoned celebrities, tending to make them bitter towards their colleagues? Is social media starting to get to the best of them, allowing them to stay relevant any chance they get? Can it be said that when one reaches a certain level in their lives, they feel like they have nothing to prove because their spot has been earned in the ranks?

As an audience, these are questions we should ask ourselves. Giving other upcoming artists a chance to break your records, all while staying humble enough to keep your name, legacy, power, and previously earned respected on your music is unforgettable. It is a quality that most of us, as audience members, will enlighten, rather than forge down the road.

For some artist, they might not be ready to give up their seat but they're risking their entire kingdom.

Do you think it's time for these artists to hang it up? 

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