Offset Shares Naked Picture of Cardi B

Cardi B's post-baby body is indeed a goal! 

The Be Careful rapper is slowly making her way back to music and public events after taking a short break to give birth to baby girl Kulture, whom she shares with husband Offset

You'd think touring with his counterparts and Drake for Aubrey and The Three Migos Tour would keep him busy. Offset, however, made time to appreciate his wife privately and publicly by sharing a racy photo via Instagram captioned, "W I F E Y G O D D E S SB E A U T Y."  Cardi's pose conceals her lady parts while her sultry eyes, pink hair and colorful thigh tattoo makes the photo timeless and unique. 

With a body like that, we know Offset got some stashed for a rainy day. 

Photo: Getty 

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