Russell Simons Is Taking A Permanent Vacation to Bali

Media mogul Russell Simmons made headlines early 2017 when more than a dozen sexual assault cases surfaced claiming sexual misconduct. Simmons apologized and even admitted to "some" inappropriate instances. He later stepped down from all his companies including Def Jam Digital, Def Pictures and his yoga and lifestyle brand. 

According to VladTV, the hip-hop mogul has placed his million dollar L.A. home up for sale. He reportedly has been spotted clearing out his "yoga studio in L.A. and his $9.92 million dollar penthouse in New York City's Financial District." 

Sources claim Simmons is spending time in Bali, a province in Indonesia that has no extradition treaty with the United States. Some are claiming Simmons is planning to flee the country in light of allegations. Russell's camp claims this is not the case and as he remains in the U.S. 

"Russell divested himself of his active U.S. business interests last year to focus on his spiritual practice and serving his community, [...] As part of that journey, Russell has traveled to many spiritual destinations around the world but continues to retain active family presence and residence in the U.S."

Simmons claims his resignation is based on his "personal and spiritual growth." 

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