DJ's That Also Make Fire Music!

DJ's primarily spin the records. We all know that, but some of these DJ's took it upon themselves to start making music of their own. Why not, right? Although most don't actually jump on the microphone too much, most put the collaborations together and produce the sounds. There are also people who take an original song, mix it up themselves and create an entirely new club version. These DJ's need more recognition! Me personally, I am from Englewood, New Jersey. My state is known for music we call #JerseyClub. It can be all of your favorite hit records chopped up and turned into an uptempo dance song. See list below for the best DJ's making music!   

Dj Khaled

Khaled started off spinning records at a radio station, now he's a platinum-selling artist. The numbers don't lie!

Dj Mustard

Dj Mustard has been the beat behind most of the biggest records. If you ever heard "Mustard on the beat h*e" in one of your favorite songs... that's him! Mustard took the torch and ran with it with making his own music now. 

DJ Clue 

Power 105.1's own DJ Clue has a banger! He's on air from 6pm-10pm all week and manages to find time to hit that studio. Check out his record: 

DJ Suss One 

Another DJ live on Power 105.1's airways. He's on fire right now on radio, the clubs, and many more events. He also has some ties in hip-hop too with songs with French Montana, Uncle Murda, Cassidy, and much more. The Feature Presentation!!

Dj Self 

The prince of NY! Also, a DJ on our airways here at Power1051. This DJ has been all over the world playing music, and also plays his own music too. This song was one of my person favorites and still bumps to this day!

If you have been to Jersey or anywhere close, you have heard a #JerseyClub song before. It's more than just club songs, there are dances to it that everyone loves to do. It is most popular in the club scenes of NY, NJ, and CO, but people enjoy it all over the world. 

Billboard magazine released a list of The 41 Best Jersey Club Songs and that was cool, but here in 2018, things are getting more and more fire each summer! Here is a list of some of the best club DJ's and/or songs. 

DJ Dean August

This multiplatform DJ spins all of your favorite hits from Hip-Hop, Spanish, Soca, and everything else. Aside from playing the hits, I see he has hit the studio and created some fire #JerseyClub. Check out his remixed version of "All Mine" Fire!

Dj Bake

DJ Bake has the colleges on lockdown and has had one of the hottest years thus far when it comes to making the songs we dance to. With YouTube videos that have over 12 million views, Bake is creating a Jersey Club legacy!

Check out some of his biggest hits: 

Dj Lil Taj

Lil Taj makes most of the #JerseyClub bangers. With over 500,000 subscribers on YouTube, Taj brings the fire. Check out one of my personal favorites "Latch"

Dj Lil Man

DJ Lil Man... Who else! Lil man has become a household name with his viral #JerseyClub dance music. His tracks feature dances that we can all do together and put our own flavor into. 

Who am I missing? Let me know for the updated version coming soon on Instagram @MannieOnTheScene!

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