Flashiest Chains in Hip-Hop!

Are you really a rapper nowadays if you don't have an iced out flashy chain? We've seen chains of all styles... big, small, colorful, spinning, and much more. I have even seen a chain of a rapper wearing a chain! Take a look at some of these blinged out jewels: 

Lil Pump:

Lil Pump has flexed on his Instagram multiple times, but this piece right here almost hurts your eyes. 

Lil Yatchy 

Lil Boat has multiple chains just like Lil Pump, but this one moves and it's 360 all away around studded in diamonds. 

Cardi B gift to Offset

It's a chain of a trap house and it actually has goons living in it. Cost: $250,000

T-Pain's "Big A** Chain

This chain just speaks for itself. I'm sure his back hurts after wearing this all day. 

21 Savage

It's clear who this chain belongs to because... it's of himself. At least we know he can't ever lose it. 

Tee Grizzley 

This rapper lives up to his name with this iced out animal chain. 

Tyler the Creator

Tylers pretty humble with his ice work. I rarely see him with any jewelry on, but he clearly is one of Ben Ballers biggest clients. 

Blacc Youngsta 

Heavy Camp's own Blacc Youngsta reppin' his crew with this gold chain made by Gabriel Jacobs. 

Photo by Getty Images