Kash Doll & Asian Doll Exchange Shots at Each-other on Twitter

Its a mess all over again as on Monday (June 9th) Kash Doll and Asian doll reignited a supposed beef on Twitter taking shots at each other. Although there was nothing that apparently prompted the exchange between the two they both came with the heat at each other. 

Kash Doll claims that Asian doesn't like her all over some guy and claims she doesn't have any problems with her saying: 

"I never disliked no one... Asian been not liking me over a n**** i didn’t even want! She be fronting to y’all! I’m a grown as woman i never had beef with her i think she’s like 20 but u can’t keep popping off when u was a fan before and i embraced yo lil a**!"

Asian Doll Quickly responded less than an hour later assuring that she has no beef with anyone as she is in 'album mode" but also taking a shot at her fellow female rapper saying: 

"Been on my dick since I was 19 b**** get a grip already, shut up you talk to much not enough recording!!"

While the exchange didn't go any further than that Kash Doll has made the news recently when she claimed that she was originally supposed to be on Cardi B's collaboration with YG "She Bad" going as far to reveal he blocked her from dropping the song as a remix on Soundcloud. 

You can check out that video below...

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