Nicki Minaj Keeps Promise to Pay 37 Students College Tuition

In 2017, Chun-Li rapper Nicki Minaj took the initiative to recognize determined young students by granting them the opportunity to win full scholarships through her "Student Of The Game" project. 

The project would pay up to $18,000 to the winners she personally selected. The announcement of the winners was long overdue and was to be announced on June 11, 2018. The Barbie Tingz rapper pushed the date back again stating the project has been very, "time consuming." 

Nicki announced the winners via her MyPinkFriday website. Each winner will be personally messaged with details regarding the project and payments that will be sent through their institution. 

The winners chosen will be ineligible to enter her upcoming giveaway  to join her in-studio for her Queen album listening party. 

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