Lil Rell talks Working With Kyrie Irving on Uncle Drew, "Get Out" 2 + More!

Lil Rell dropped by The Angie Martinez Show to promote his new movie 'Uncle Drew' which is in theaters on Friday.  "This will be crazy to be in two back to back" hit movies he says about his hopes for the movie to be a smash.

About Uncle Drew he says that it turned out to be really good. "Everyone will be surprised how great the athletes are as actors...Kyrie is great, he did a very good job" he says.

The two got into the moment Angie saw him at the Oscars and he acted all weirded out when she tried saying hello to him.  "We were still tense" he says about acting awkward when Angie said hello to him during the award show before the winners had been announced. "There's just something award about that vibe at the was really stiff, I was like I gotta get out of here" Rell says.

On wether or not we will be getting a 'Get Out' part 2, he says that he hates part 2 of movies and he doesn't know if Jordan Peele is working on one. "Jordan got all the other crazy ideas...I think he's gonna keep blowing people's mind with projects" he says.  

Rell also reveals that he was on the original script of the movie Creed as Michael B. Jordan's brother but was later written out.  

He also talks about meeting close friend Tiffany Haddish for the first time. "She's a superstar" says Rell about Tiff.

Meeting superstar celebrities when he goes to parties and still having process it all. "I had to get used to people I always watched being excited about me...Salma Hayek gave me a heart to hear!  I also cried, she was so nice. So sweet."

Shooting a pilot for his upcoming show on Fox titled 'Rell.' "They gave us 13 episodes....the pilot is ready good." The show is due out September 30th.

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