Hennessy Celebrates Marshall "Major" Taylor's Legacy In New Documentary

Hennessy’s Wild Rabbit campaign celebrates those who never stop and never settle in their never-ending pursuit of greatness. 

In the late 1890s, cycling was the world’s biggest sport and Marshall "Major" Taylor became the best cyclist of his time, throughout his career, dominated his competition in the U.S and abroad. As the first African American world champion in sports history, he paved the way for generations of athletes to come. An incredible sprinter, Taylor’s first pro event was a grueling six-day endurance race at Madison Square Garden.

 Marshall 'Major' Taylor's perseverance to achieve new levels of greatness despite adversity is universally inspiring. Visit www.Hennessy.com to learn more about Marshall “ Major” Taylor and his remarkable story. 

Hennessy recognizes Taylor is an American hero who inspires others to push the limits of their own potential. Hennessy. Never stop. Never settle. Please enjoy Hennessy responsibly! 

Check out the full documentary about the legendary Cyclist above! 

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