Rick Ross Shows Off New Slimmer Body & 'Two Pack' Abs

Rick Ross is getting his summer beach body right! As many of his fans already know, the rapper has gotten very serious about his health over the past few years. 

Ross was visibly much larger when he first stepped out on the scene, a while ago. Over the years, he's become much more aware of the things that he eats. Ross has also been very serious about getting great workouts done at the gym. From the way that the recording artist has been looking, as of late, these routines are definitely paying off for him. Ross is becoming more and more fit as time goes on.

This week, the rapper decided to show his fans some of the progress that he's made lately. While taking a break from working out at a fitness center, Ross flexed some of his new bod in a video. Though the clip isn't that long at all, viewers can definitely see enough of the star's transformation. Ross even commented on his "two pack." 

It doesn't look like this will be the end of Ross' fitness journey. If anything, the video looked like it was just a tease for the grand final result. We can't wait to see it! Check out new video of Rick Ross' new slimmer body below. Good job, boss. 

**WARNING: Explicit language**

Photo: Getty Images

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