Black Twitter Drags Fashion Nova Mens Like An Old Mop

Ladies... but really gentlemen, Fashion Nova Mens finally made its grand debut on Tuesday (June 12). Now, men who want to be as stylish as ladies who rock Fashion Nova can shop on the fashion retail site, too.

When we first learned about the new mens collection some time ago, there were many mixed reviews. Some people were actually happy that Fashion Nova was finally going to start catering to men since it's only made clothing for women since its creation. Other people didn't really see the point or the need to bring a mens line into the mix. Nevertheless, the first collection is here.

Social media, as always, has opinions about the big reveal. It's not only men who are commenting about the new clothing and accessories, either. But, women -- whether they buy from Fashion Nova or not -- are reacting to the new items. Some folks are loving the looks, while others are dragging the items more than a mop at a daycare. 

Let's take a look at some of the funniest Twitter reactions to the grand debut of Fashion Nova Mens below. And don't make these opinions sway you away from buying some products, if you want to. A lot of the items are already sold out. So, the company is still making bread!


Photo: Getty Images


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