Pusha T Talks Good Music Presidency, Kanye, Nas Tour + Friday Album Release

In an interview with Angie Martinez pre-taped to air on Thursday, May 24th Pusha T dishes on his new album, working with Kanye West and the possibility of a joint tour including himself, Kanye, Nas, Kid Cudi, & Teyana Taylor. 

Working with Kanye West it is, of course, expected that changes will be made to project at the last minute before they are released and Pusha T has experienced this first hand. With the album dropping Friday over the past couple of days it has gone through, Art changes, Tracklist changes and a complete name changed. Originally being named "King Push", he revealed to Angie that the new title of the project will be called "Daytona" (named after his favorite type of Rolex). Originally the project was set to have 8 songs as Kanye had previewed the tracklist on his twitter, but now it has been cut down with the track "Sociopath" being pulled from the tracklist. There is also a track on the project titled "What Would Meek Do", which Pusha would have liked to actually get the Philly rapper on but felt it was not the right time to ask him because he just got out of jail. However there is another MMG rapper on the album as Rick Ross will be appearing on the track titled "Hard Piano" Lastly, Pusha also says that Kanye had called him last night wanting to change the artwork for the album from a photo shoot he had did with Kanye to a photo that would cost 85K for him to license, the good news is that Kanye is paying for it all. 

Angie had to bring up the fact that Kanye has been causing quite the controversy in the media after his twitter rants and appearance on TMZ have gone viral. When asked "Wassup with ya man", Pusha had to say that of course they are friends and work together all the time even though they disagree all the time and doesn't agree with much of what Kanye is saying at all. He continued on by saying that when they are working they know not to bring up those political topics. 

Pusha's album is only one of many that were revealed to be released in the upcoming month by Kanye West including his own project, a collab album with Kid Cudi, Teyana Taylor and Nas. Since Pusha's is up first he felt the most pressure to get his done while also having a hand in the rest of the projects that are under G.O.O.D music. The recording sessions for the albums have been happening in Utah and Wyoming, revealing that he had heard much of all the projects saying that Kanye is on another level producing these albums. Pusha also teased a possible joint tour with Nas who said he is down for it or a tour with everyone else who's albums are being produced by Ye.

Check out Pusha T's Full Interview with Angie Martinez above

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