Meek Mill Talks #FreeMeek, Kanye West & Helping Others Regain Freedom

Meek Mill was released from prison almost two weeks ago (April 24th) and since then has been making his story known as the importance of talking about Criminal Justice Reform has returned to the forefront of the media following his case. His release is thanks to The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ordering him to be released immediately on an "unsecured bail." Stopping by The Angie Martinez Show Meek had a lot to say on the topic of his release as well as requesting people to bury the #FreeMeek movement stating that we're never going to have to use that again.

The day of his release 76ers co-owner Michael Rubin took a helicopter to the prison and picked Meek up right outside to fly him to the playoff game that night in his hometown where he would ring the bell and be reunited with fellow Philly native Kevin Hart. Speaking on the experience he said he could barely remember the moment of running into the chopper as he was spinning from everything happening and that going from facing 2 years behind bars to being free in an instant was crazy. Mill also stated that while he was locked out he told other people in prison that he was going to leave there in a chopper but little did he know that he was going to be picked up right outside the gate. Reflecting on his time in Jail he says that things are different now and plans to stop buying so much Jewlrey and focus more on investing money, owning neighborhoods and just doing something different and positive. 


During his time in jail, Meek had a limited amount of visitors a big part because he didn't want his friends and family seeing him look the way he did locked up. Even stating that when his friends came to visit they couldn't even look him in the face because they were used to seeing him in this state. When asked what it was like going from being free to going to jail in a matter of days he said, “I go from playing with my son on Monday to shackles wrapped around my whole body”. 

The #FreeMeek movement also caught the rapper off guard because while he was locked up at the beginning he had no media, and when he finally got his cell and saw some TV he realized how his story had reached national attention being aired on CNN, Good Morning America and many other outlets.


When he got out one of the first things he saw was Kanye West tweets about Donald Trump amongst other things. While understanding what Kanye is trying to do to help out people he doesn't agree with the way Ye is going about it. “I disagree %10,000 with what he saying, I just think he is not informed enough to speak on some of the things he speaking about”. Meek also chimed in saying he thinks Kanye's recent rants are all just one big marketing plan. 

Before leaving he wanted to reiterate that things can change and he is working on making a difference in the community, also saying he is working with The New England Patriots Owner Robert Kraft on a foundation for Criminal Justice Reform. Something he's really grateful for to is being able to celebrate his sons Birthday next week, something he wasn't sure he would be able to do months ago.

Check out Meek Mill's Full Interview with Angie Martinez below



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