Will Jay Ellis Return For Insecure Season 3? See What He had to say.

Jay Ellis one of the stars of "Insecure" stopped by the Angie Martinez show to talk everything from season three of the show to being an ambassador for the 2018 American Black Film Festival going down in Miami from June 13th-17th. 

When asked about starring on Insecure Jay said that being on the show has been an amazing experience and everything about the show was really special. He told the story of how he got picked to play the role of Lawrence on the show. When he was presented with the script he thought that he would kill the role of the music producer Daniel which was later on played by Y'lan Noel. He said he ended getting a call from the show's producers and auditioned for both the roles of Daniel and Lawrence which coincidentally so did Y'lan Noel. Also revealing that when they were testing actors for these rolls Neil Brown Jr. was also in the mix coming off staring in "Straight Outta Compton", but eventually he would get the role of Lawrence's best friend Chad. After only 15 minutes of leaving the audition, he got a call saying he booked the role. Speaking on why he wanted to be apart of the show he had to say:

"There was something about insecure that felt so different, and I felt that I have never seen the Lawrence character before on television so a young black man going through that, but I'd also never seen these woman on television, so I knew there was something about it that I wanted to be apart of it no matter what."

With Issa Rae teasing that Season 3 of Insecure has begun filming Angie had to ask Ellis about his involvement since the end of season 2 left the door wide open for anything to happen. Speaking on the show Jay hinted that he may not be in season three of Insecure, "I'm a little bit out of it i'm not really, they been filming for the last six or 7 weeks, I'm not fully in the loop of whats going on with the show". Angie tried to get it out of Ellis if he has filmed anything and eventually he let out saying "I have not shot on Insecure, It may happen, but I truly have no idea". 


The American Black Film Festival going down in Miami from June 13th-17th, and this year Jay Ellis is going to be an ambassador for the festival. Since there's only one ambassador for the festival this is a huge deal for Ellis as he reflects on all the people who were ambassadors before him: "I'm following in the footsteps of some really dope people like Tracy Ellis Ross, Regina Hall, Anthony Anderson, and Common". He also revealed that "Black Panther" director Ryan Coogler is going to be in attendance and will be doing his own talk. Ellis himself is taking his role of ambassador stating that he is going to be at every event and hosting some screenings and parties throughout the week. Anyone can go to the festival and you can get your tickets at ABFF.com

Check out Jay Ellis' full Interview with Angie Martinez below



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