Hero Who Took Down Waffle House Shooter Revealed

On Sunday morning (April 22) a semi-nude gunman opened fire at Waffle House in Nashville, TN according to CNN

Four customers were shot dead at the scene and if it wasn't for James Shaw Jr.'s quick instincts to take down the shooter, more countless lives would have been lost in the heinous act. 

Don Aaron, Nashville police spokesman stated:

"He saw the gunman looking at his rifle. At that point, the shots had stopped, so he decided to rush the gunman, actually wrestled that assault rifle away, tossed it over the counter. At that point, the gunman then fled."  

Thankfully, Shaw was left with minor injuries and posted a picture of his battle wound. Shaw's heroic acts are widely being praised. 

"He is the hero here, and no doubt he saved many lives by wrestling the gun away and then tossing it over the counter and prompting the (gun)man to leave," Aaron continued. 

No arrests have been made as state Police are currently looking for the unidentified shooter. 


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