Remy Ma Cries "Happy Tears" For Cardi's Pregnancy

When Remy Ma woke up at 2:45 A.M. on Sunday morning to the news that Cardi B had announced her pregnancy live on SNL, Rem cried tears of joy.

While in part it was because she's genuinely happy for Cardi, she also mentions how for so many years women in the industry were made to feel like they had to pretend that they were single and even put their lives on hold for the sake of entertaining the masses.


I’m crying real tears- happy tears. For so many years they made us (women) feel like we had to pretend to be single, pretend to not have a real life, and put our lives on hold to “entertain” the masses. Meanwhile, you feel trapped in your own body, a prisoner to your career, and so unhappy when you supposed to be having the time of your life.@IAmCardiB I am so happy you are free too💋

Remy who is married to fellow rapper Papoose, has always kept it 100% with the fact that she's a mother, married and looking to have more children with Pap.

We love the relationship Remy and Cardi have. What's the saying? "Real Queens fix each other's crowns" yeah that's the mod this morning.

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