Borges Reveals How To Get on Beyonce’s Meal Plan + He Gives You a Discount!


Celebrity Nutritionist Marco Borges called into the Angie Martinez show to dish out all the keys to living a healthy lifestyle, how you can get on the same meal plan as Beyonce, and give listeners a discount for his various meal plans. Heres how it all went down: 

  • Marco revealed he created the "22 Day Nutrition Plan" to help people live a with a better lifestyle, with his main goal to make health more accessible.
  • On the 22 Day plan, he said: “We’ve created a tool that makes it seem like you have a nutritional counselor in your house”, also giving you the ability to pick and choose what you want to eat based on your tastes or how much time you have to make the food.
  • With Coachella on 44 days, away Marco revealed that this is the same Vegan meal plan that Beyonce is using to get in shape for the festival, also adding that Jay-Z is also a partner in the plan! 
  • Angie said some of the best advice Marco has given to her is “it’s better not to be perfect and hard on yourself”.
  • If you would like to check out the 22 Day meal plan and hop on the same meal plan Queen B is on head over to his website and enter the code NYC30 for a discount on a plan! 


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