Safaree Admits Nicki Minaj Only Stayed With Him Because Of His Anaconda

Doors are opening up for Safaree and his popularity is bulging after pics of his manhood hit the internet, causing the internet to take note of Nicki Minaj's ex. In an interview with TMZ, Safaree straight up admits that Nicki Minaj would tell him that the only reason she stayed with him for so long was because of what he was packing in his pants

"The funny thing is she used to always say to me was that, "if you didn't have that thing I would have been left you." She would be cracking up when she said it to me," Safaree revealed. He also said he's turning down all offers form porn, condom, and sex toy companies. He wants to focus on music. 

The nude leaks have also caused his bookings to go through the roof and after premiering his new song "Hunnid" on the Breakfast Club, the song hit the iTunes charts. During his stop at the Breakfast Club, he also revealed that he had nothing to do with the pics being leaked and has been getting some crazy offers. 

Listen to Safaree speak to TMZ below: 

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Photo Credit: Getty