Shane Coleman

Shane Coleman

Physics Teacher

Brooklyn High School for Law & Technology

Brooklyn, NY

Why did you choose to become a teacher?

I noticed that the achievement gap in math and science for students of color in public schools was a fundamental issue that at times was overlooked. It seemed nobody was interested in helping underrepresented students take on high-level, college preparatory courses.

As a teacher, what matters most to you at the end of the day?

Self-confidence. There are a number of setbacks that our students have to overcome in the future. Self-confidence provides a resilience against fixed mindset - it reminds them that they are more than just their test scores.

What difference do you think being a male teacher of color makes in the lives of NYC youth?

It allows me to work harder. I see in many of my students the same challenges I had as a public school student attempting to find their niche. I share my experiences as often as I can in hopes that they will understand how I chose mine.

What would you say to men of color who are thinking about becoming teachers but have not yet made the decision?

You are needed - these are the front-lines. Every day some of the most important battles are fought in the classrooms and hallways as great educators try to inspire students beyond the walls of the school building. Your experience is necessary, they deserve to hear your story!

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