Jhene Aiko Confirms Whether Or Not She Cheated On Ex With Big Sean

A recent interview that singer/songwriter Jhene Aiko did on BBC Radio 1Xtra allowed her to finally set the record straight about her relationship with Big Sean and how it all began. 

Back in 2012, photos were captured of Sean and Aiko attending a basketball game together. However, she was still dating someone else at the time... or so many fans thought. It turns out that Aiko found out that the guy she was seeing at this time was secretly married to the mother of his child. The baby mama was the one who called the singer and told her. We still don't know if this guy was Aiko's ex-husband Dot Da Genius or someone else. 

Anyway, Aiko admitted that the game that she attended with Sean was friendly and they weren't together -- yet. But, she did admit that Sean treated the game as a date. Hmmm...

After fans listened to the interview, many were still confused. So, they began going on social media to react to it and ask Aiko for more answers. That's when the songstress decided to further explain on her Twitter account. Take a look at her tweets below!

Case closed. 

Photo: Getty Images

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