Miguel Talks Engagement, New Music and Sky Walker

Miguel dropped by The Pro Show and dished about his personal life, as well as his new music. Miguel is set to the tie the knot with his fiance and you just might see DJ Prostyle performing a set at the reception. His upcoming wedding isn't the only thing Miguel has to be excited about, though, because he's currently working his fourth studio album. He's hoping his fans will get to know him better through his new music and discover things they never knew about him before. 

Miguel shot the music video for his new single "Sky Walker" into Toronto, describing the experience as both fun and challenging. Thankfully, "Sky Walker" is just the first of many new songs from Miguel. The artist says he's "not stopping" any time soon. While "Sky Walker" is a more lighthearted and fun track, Miguel revealed he has more purposeful music coming out that will address some heavier topics, as well. Don't worry, though, there are more fun songs that just "feel like love and sexual and cover a lot of fun bases." It seems like Miguel really can do everything. 

Prostyle would love to see Miguel at Power 105.1's Powerhouse this year...if you would too, you can hit us up on social media and let us know why!