Lloyd And Girlfriend Dehea Abraham Are Expecting Their First Child

Lloyd and his girlfriend Dehea Abraham will be welcoming their first child in a matter of weeks! 

A few days ago, Abraham posted a photo of her baby bump on social media with the caption, “Ohhh 32w! Almost there,” she wrote. “It’s time to come back home and rub on my belly, [Lloyd].” Lloyd also expressed his excitement about his upcoming bundle of joy. "Another blessing  thank you Lord," the singer tweeted. See both of these social media posts below. 

This is great news when you consider how hard last year was for Lloyd. He admitted to losing a child due to a miscarriage. On his Tru EP, he sings: “Came home helped my sister raise a child, kind of hurt me ’cause I could’ve had my own now / Lost my baby damn, it’s really hitting home now.”

INTERVIEW: Lloyd Talks 'Tru' EP

In an interview with iHeartRadio, Lloyd added about the loss: "Talking about loss, really talking about anything in all honesty without fear of rejection, I think can always be difficult in a time where people can grow sensitive about each other's feelings, and how they're perceived to be. But, I think when you're looking at your own reflection…you really see yourself. So, I think in the sense of talking about things that were real, and true, and honest, it was pretty easy."

Photo: Katherine Tyler for iHeartRadio

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