JonOne Vibed To Trap While Designing Hennessy Bottle


Famed Artist JonOne was the man of the hour on Tuesday night in New York City as Hennessy celebrated the launch of their 2017 Hennessy Very Special Limited Edition bottle designed by JonOne himself.

The custom-designed bottle, on sale now, is being sold in almost 50 countries worldwide. The Limited Edition release by JonOne, which features a colorful, vibrant design, is the seventh in an ongoing series of collaborations between Hennessy V.S and several internationally renowned artists.

While speaking about the opportunity to collaborate with Hennessy, JonOne says he's always wanted to work with the brand and as soon as he was commissioned to design the 2017 bottle he knew exactly how he wanted it to look.

When asked what type of music he vibed to while working on his bottle design, JonOne said he listened to trap music and even threw out there that he likes Migos.

The event held at NYC's Terminal 5 was quite the success and Honey German got to catch up with the likes of: ASAP Ferg, Jonathan Mannion, Ty Hunter, Mack Wilds and of course JonOne. 

JonOne is an American graffiti artist who is originally from New York, but he now lives and works in Paris. JonOne was born in New York's Harlem neighborhood to parents from the Dominican Republic.


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