The Early Intervention Program Roundtable, Hosted By Angie Martinez

The New York City Department of Health’s Early Intervention Program (NYCEIP) helps parents and their children birth to three years old who aren’t learning, playing, walking or talking like other children their age. The EIP provides supports and services like speech therapy, physical therapy, special instruction and more to eligible children. Early Intervention is completely confidential and free for families. You can also get more information on the NYC Early Intervention webpage:

Watch the discussions below to learn about the Early Intervention Program.

Parents and professionals talk to Angie about what to look for when parents are concerned about how their child is learning, playing, walking, or talking, and when to refer to the Early Intervention (EI) Program to get an evaluation.

Learn how to make a referral to the NYC Early Intervention Program and the important role of the service coordinator in helping the family while their child is in the Program.

A mother describes how she made the decision to refer her son to Early Intervention after having concerns about how he was talking, and how the Program worked for her. 

 A parent shares her story about her premature twins who received early intervention from birth and, a physical therapist talks about the important role parents play in supporting their children’s development.

Parents and professionals talk to Angie about the cost, confidentiality, and immigration in the Early Intervention Program.

Parents and professionals talk to Angie about how early intervention therapists and teachers work with parents and caregivers so that they learn new ways to support their children’s development and to advocate for their children.

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