Amber Rose Clarifies What Really Happened When Her Home Was Broken Into


While out at The Pool After Dark, Amber Rose caught up with Power 99’s Mina SayWhat to talk her recent security breach at her home and how she will never get used to having stalkers.

When asked about the recent break in Amber Rose experienced in her home, Amber was quick to tell us that the reports that came out about the robbery were very false. “It did not happen the way TMZ reported… other people reported,” says the star. She then goes on to explain that her mom was cooking in the kitchen and cracked a window. “When we put on the alarm system,” says Amber, “that didn't recognize the window because it was already cracked. So all he did was pry it open. He basically hit the jackpot that night because usually everything is really really more secure.” 

Then Mina SayWhat brought up stalkers that have shown an interest in Amber Rose. The rapper was quick to say that she will never get used to that part of her life. “To have someone stalk you is really serious,” she says and them encouraged anyone that ever wants a picture with her to just ask because most of the time she will say yes! 

More details on her recent break-in, new security and her fans in the video above! 

Photo: Getty


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