Drake's Billboard Music Award Performance Is Set To Be 'Memorable'

Tonight (May 21) the annual 2017 Billboard Music Awards will kick off with some of the hottest artists to grace the stage. One of those artists is Canadian rapper Drake who's performance has been highly anticipated.

 His successful More Life project has fans wondering which songs Drake will perform tonight, along with the guests he will bring out that featured on his current album. 

According to TSR, Mark Bracco, the executive VP of programming stated for the Billboard Music Awards stated: 

"We built a real terrific relationship with his team, working creatively with them and coming up with a big idea, and I think it's gonna be a very, very big moment in the show.” He continued, β€œIt's not a surprise necessarily but it's gonna be a moment that people aren't exactly expecting.... It'll be memorable, I promise you that.” 

We have more than enough faith that Drake will kill the stage tonight! #MoreLife


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