20 Facts With Honey German: Ugly God

Get to know your favorite celebs better with these 20 facts you probably never knew about them.  This time around Honey sits down with rapper, Ugly God.

  1. Instagram or Snapchat? Instagram.
  2. Who does everyone need to follow right now? My Instagram meme page, @Herpes. 
  3. Who is your MCM/WCM? His girlfriend.
  4. What is your favorite smell? Piña colada.
  5. What do you put on your pizza? Pepperoni.
  6. What album are you listening tor right now? Instrumentals and competition.
  7. Biggie or Pac? Pac.
  8. What’s your favorite Michael Jackson song? Billie Jean.
  9. Phone call or text messages? Facetime. 
  10. Who do you speak to every single day? Manager.
  11. What’s the last gift you bought for someone? Shirts, sneakers and food.
  12. Animal you are most fearful of? Snacks, bees and wasps.
  13. What’s the last movie you saw? Pokemon.
  14. What book does everyone need to read? No answer.
  15. Three things you would bring to a deserted island? Potato, knife and water.
  16. What superhero power would you pick? Teleport.
  17. Which era would you time travel to? '90s.
  18. Your first concert ever? No answer.
  19. Who do you miss the most?  My aunt, Ella
  20. Your ideal dinner guests? (dead or alive): Dr. Seuss, Will Smith, Aunt Ella, Renardo.


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