Student Lists Dorm Room On Airbnb

The college struggle is REAL. 

For $85 a night, one student listed their dorm room on  Airbnb, mentioning that the room provided the “best view” of the University of Massachusetts, with laundry room access, and upscale amenities like a microwave. 

The student, who remains anonymous, hilariously listed the room as a “Luxury Room in Southwest” with a single bed for rent. 

University spokesman, Ed Blaguszewski had this to say:

"It’s against our policy for lots of good reasons, We don’t want people who are not a part of the university community to be in those buildings unless they are a friend or guest of someone. You really can’t make money off of [the] university.”

The school swiftly shut down the listing before she could even make any cash from it. 


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