US Drops MASSIVE Bomb On ISIS forces in Afghanistan


Targeting an ISIS cave complex in eastern Afghanistan, the U.S. military has for the first time used in combat the 22,000-pound bomb nicknamed the "mother of all bombs," the largest non-nuclear weapon in the U.S. military's arsenal.

Formally known as the GBU-43 or Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB) bomb, the bomb has been nicknamed the "mother of all bombs" since it was first developed in 2003.


"At 7:32 p.m. local time today, U.S. Forces - Afghanistan conducted a strike on an ISIS-K tunnel complex in Achin district, Nangarhar province, Afghanistan, as part of ongoing efforts to defeat ISIS-K in Afghanistan in 2017," U.S. Forces - Afghanistan said in a statement Thursday. ISIS-K refers to ISIS-Khorasan, the terror group's affiliate in Afghanistan that mainly operates in the eastern part of the country.


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