Ron Browz Tells Us How Remy Ma Snatched Up His ‘Ether’ Beat

After Remy Ma shared that ShEther is charting on iTunes and she's selling the single, the question as to how she's eating of a Ron Browz's track popped up.

Angie Martinez got Ron on the line and the two discussed:

  • Whether or not he caught backlash for producing ‘Ether’ for Nas back in 2001.
  • ‘Ether’ being the record that got him popping and which artists he went on to work with after the diss track which includes the likes of 50 Cent, Ludacris and Fat Joe.
  • The one time he met Jay Z and wether or not it was after the ‘Ether’ track dropped.
  • Whether or no het knew the ShEther track was dropping. “The night before they gave me a heads up.”
  • If he’s looking at it critically and comparing it to the original ‘Ether’ track.
  • Clearing the beat for Remy to use. "Remy is my sis, she helped me out alot during my career.
  • The fact that he’s eating once again now that the track is #2 on iTunes.
  • If this now puts him in  bad spot with Nicki Minaj who he has worked in the past. "I did the beat, I didn't write the lyrics" he tells Angie.
  • + what he’s working on currently on.

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