Need Last Minute Valentine's Day Advice? Angie Martinez Got You!

Angie Martinez got some of your favorite celebs to serve up some great advice for Valentine's Day!

While Big Sean keeps it clean and focuses on taking care of the special women in your family, his girlfriend, Jhene Aiko, lets loose and suggests that women get REAL nasty and freaky in the bedroom and may even try a "glass dildo."

Stevie J. gives the guys a solid breakdown of what type of gifts they should be buying for their woman so that somebody else doesn't end up taking over their position.

Angie also got Quavo from Migos to tell her what his idea of a perfect V-Day date would be which includes some "piping it up" + Wyclef Jean grabs that guitar and gives us part of his smash hit '911' featuring Mary J. Blige.

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