Big Sean Updates Us On His Upcoming Album


Big Sean is gearing up to drop his much anticipated fourth studio album so he checked in with Angie Martinez during which she caught up with the hit rapper about about the status of the album, taking time to get his mental health in tip top shape, and his private show tonight in Harlem.

Big Sean:

I'm just finishing my album, that's the mode I'm in...I'm just in the finishing the album mode.I wanted to give myself proper amount of time to deliver something I was proud of.
In this's just like when you have that mentality that you have to stay hungry you and keep your foot on their neck. You kinda neglect yourself. I did that for years and years and all of sudden I realized I can deliver my best and I had to take time."
When you have and faith and talent your always gonna be good and thrive cause you actually have a purpose...I got so many surprises for the album...I'm gonna announce the album soon. It's on the way."

We'll be looking forward to the album and tonight he'll perform at the Iheartradio Verizon show in Harlem, click here to watch.

Photo: Getty

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