Len's Throwback Thursday: G-Shock Celebrates 35 Years

Were you one of those kids that always wanted a G-SHOCK?! Well I was, and G-shocks are still here and coming even better; welcome to G-shocks 35th anniversary! 2018 is turning out to be one of those Incredible years for Casio G-shock; not only because of there 35th anniversary of course but also because of the release of many limited edition models as well. 

In November 2018, G-Shock celebrated it’s 35th Anniversary with a special event at Madison Square Garden. The event featured an exhibition, musical performances by A$AP Mob, and a press conference with G-Shock executives and notable artists and athletes. Power 105.1's  very own LBoogs took over G-Shock official Instagram as he covered and captured all behind the scene moments during the 35th celebration.  

Safe to say the G-shock brand has stepped it up by far since the launch of its very first model. G-SHOCK has continued to raise the bar high by leveraging Casio's commitment to innovations and modern technologies. It has evolved over decades with improved functions and performance in keeping with the needs of contemporary times. But don't take my word for it go experience your own G- SHOCK experience!

Watch a  "Throwback Thursday" video below of LBoogs behind the scene preparing for the main event! Enjoy! 

L Boogs

L Boogs

L Boogs


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