Credit Chronicles Ep 5: Coronavirus Stimulus Helps With Student Loan Debt

    There are two bright spots in the economic chaos surrounding the coronavirus: The relief and opportunities for those of us who carry student loan debt:

    The Relief

    The Cares Act, the $2 trillion dollar economic stimulus bill signed into law by President Trump -  allows you to stop paying your federal student loans from now through September 30, 2020.

    Your balance won’t change, but you don’t get charged interest during this time. In addition, the legislation puts a pause on debt collectors. There will be no involuntary collection of student loan debt during this period, including garnishment of wages, tax refunds, and Social Security benefits. 

    The Opportunity

    Now for the opportunity, and it’s big: If you can make student loan payments – you’re going to pay down your entire debt load faster. You are not being charged interest until after September 30th. No interest means that all of your payments go towards reducing your principal amount.

    Private Loans

    Unfortunately, this only applies to federal student loans not private loans. Still, contact your lender and student loan servicer to discuss potential options. You may be able to refinance at a lower interest rate due to the Federal Reserve’s recent move to cut rates.

    A Helping Hand

    Our team at Wealth Wednesdays and The Breakfast Club are committed to giving you tools and resources to help you get through the unprecedented economic challenges due to COVID-19.

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    Most important, remember, you’re not alone on this journey. To catch-up on our Credit Chronicles episode visit The Breakfast Club You Tube channel.