‘The Read’ with Kid Fury & Crissle Is Making It’s Way to The Small Screen

Alexa, play “Dreams” by Ashanti…because dreams do come true when you believe. Cause that’s what’s happening to Black queer media personalties Kid Fury and Crissle West.

On Wednesday (Mar. 13), Deadline announced that their popular podcast The Read, which has garnered more than 85 million streams worldwide was picked up Fuse TV to be turned into a talk show. It's set to come out sometime during the 2019-20 season.

The working title is called The Read with Kid Fury and Crissle and network has ordered ten 30-minute episodes made in a talk/variety format. The show is slated to have still some of the fan-favorite segment from the podcast including Hot Topics — where Fury and West commentate on the biggest news stories in Black pop culture and the nominal segment that generally comes at the end of their episode where they Read someone or something. (To “read” someone — the slang word deriving from black queer culture — means to tell someone off real slick like.)

The show — much like Saturday Night Live — will also feature special celebrity guest and performances from music artists on occasion.

The official report from Deadline reads:

“Inspired by their juggernaut podcast – with more than 85 million listens worldwide and 1.5 million unique listens a month – Kid Fury and Crissle host this talk/variety format that carries over their beloved segments like Hot Tops and The Read, while additionally featuring a special celebrity and/or musician guest. The duo uses their sharp, honest brand of cultural commentary and perceptive opinions to drill deep into the roots of the issues and stories affecting their millennial and Gen Z peers, from social justice and politics to dating and music culture, and everything in between. Chloe Pisello, David Martin, Jon Thoday, and Richard Allen-Turner of Avalon Television will Executive Produce. Kid Fury, Crissle West, and Alexandra Rago are also executive producers.”

Fury will be extra busy as he is also creating an HBO black comedy series alongside Lena Waithe about a Black gay man living in the city navigating his adult life.

Kid Fury, who is originally from Miami, started his blog The Fury in 2006 followed by his YouTube channel Furious Thoughts four years later. He later met Crissle (originally from Oklahoma City) through Twitter with whom they both moved to New York City where they launched their Black entertainment podcast The Read in 2013.

The podcast would quickly become a runaway hit clocking in an average of 80,000 listeners per episode by November of that year. As of January 2016, the number increased to 200,000 streams. The show has even gotten co-signs by celebrities like Missy Elliott, Beyonce and Power 105.1’s very own Charlamagne the God.The Read was also nominated for Best Multi-Cultural Podcast for iHeartRadio’s inaugural Podcast Awards.

“Thank you all for showing so much love,” West tweeted in response to the news.

We know they won’t fumble the bag! Check out their latest podcast episode below.

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Angie Martinez

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