Dame Dash Apologizes To Both Jay-Z And Jim Jones

Looks like Dame Dash is out trying to making amends!

Over the last few months Dame Dash has been reaching out to the people that he's offended throughout his career, including Jay-Z, Lyor Cohen and Jim Jones, Steve Stout and Kareem "Biggs" Burke.

In a video Dame Dash apologized to Jay-Z, Jim Jones, Lyor Cohen, and Steve Stoute. In the video Dame said, "I'm chilling I been minding my own business, I have no beef with anybody." Then went on to make separate apologies. After apologizing Dame stated, "Just because you have the same morals or principles, its cool".

In a separate video he recalled his recent conversation with Jim Jones and admitted that he misses him like a brother and that he loves his family. Dame Dash also went on to say, "I want him to be happy. And Jay, you know the friendship we had was cool, man. I just miss it.".

Hopefully Dame Dash can rekindle these relationships. Do you guys think its possible?

Listen to Dame Dash apologize to Jay-Z, Jim Jones and more down below.

Photo: Getty Images

Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez

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