Chance The Rapper Will Be Dropping New Music This Summer

Chance The Rapper has announced that he will be coming out with a full-length album this summer. Yesterday (Feb. 11), Chano tweeted that we could possibly be looking forward to an album release date in July 2019.

Shortly after Chance tweeted "JULY" his manager Pat Corcoran confirmed that the album will be coming out in July.

The rapper then took to Instagram and in a video with a caption that said "Jooly" and gave us the scoop on all of the lovely things that are currently going on in his life. Chano mentioned his upcoming wedding with great excitement saying, "I'm about to get married yo!". The rapper also mentioned that he's been in the studio working on new music, despite the fact that fans have been pressing him for new music he says they'll get it when he's ready!

Fans have been waiting for some new music ever since the rapper teased the idea of dropping a project ahead of the 2018 Olympics, which didn't happen.

Hopefully he will come through after teasing us with new music said to come out in "July"!

Photo: Getty Images

Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez

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