You'll Never Guess How Much Future Spends On Clothes Monthly!

On a recent episode of SneakerShopping with Complex rapper Future expresses his passion for fashion, which costs him nearly $300K each month which is basically $3.6M a year.

In the recent interview with Complex, Future mentioned, "When I get started, I don't stop. He also mentioned that he's always had a great sense of style since he was younger and makes sure that he stands out.

In the interview he mentioned that when shopping he splurges on his kids as well, making sure that they're dripped in the latest designer fashions. He also mentioned that he buys his nine year old daughter 10-20 pairs of Chanel and that she owns more bags then most women!

While shopping at Barney's in NYC Future spent close to $40K on clothes and shoes. Amongst a few of the things that he bought were Gucci flip flops, Givenchy socks, Prada boots and a pair of Buschemi sneakers.

Obviously the rapper has no problem with showing us how much he splurges on himself and his kids.

Photo: Getty Images

Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez

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