Tekashi 6ix9ine Opens Up About Getting Kidnapped And Robbed + Much More


The self-proclaimed "King of New York" himself pulled up to the Angie Martinez show today in light of his recent robbery. In his most personal interview to date, Tekashi opens up about his robbery and how he was afraid for not only his life but the lives of his mother, child and baby mother. Angie also gets to know the young Brooklyn rapper as he explains how he came to be one of the most talking about rappers in the game.

Sitting down with Angie, Tekashi 6ix9ine opened up about people hating on him online and being a troll saying “There's no in between with tekashi six nine you either love him or late him”. Tekashi who has faced jail time in the past because of a sexual misconduct case involving a minor wanted to speak on the situation with Angie told her: “I'm not here to prove/defend myself, when I first came out, the rape allegations came out, I'm not here to defend myself, I'm here as a person, I know what I did”. Expressing remorse for the situation happening and sharing he is regretful of how it all went down. 


When it comes to his career Tekashi first got hot off his now hit record "Gummo". He expressed that he thinks his come up is inspirational because of all the people who have tried to block him in the music industry because he was to "controversial". Unlike most artists Tekashi wasn't backed by a label when he first got hot, speaking on how labels are confused how he was able to make hit after hit and maintain his popularity while artists they sign on their own don't take off.

 A big part of his rise to fame has been because of the internet which he acknowledged in his conversation with Angie saying “I don’t need radio I have the internet”. While many may think Tekashi is in the studio all the time working on his next hit turns out that he barely goes, as he says he only goes once or twice a month but every time he goes he treats the record he's recording as if its the last one he'll ever put out. The reason for this is because after he found popularity off "Gummo", people were calling him a one hit wonder. When people criticized him for always screaming on songs he went off and made "Gotti" and "FEFE" both of which he sings on. 6ix9ine has found a way to combat the hate he has received online and always has come out on top with a hit. 

Speaking about his family Tekashi got a bit choked up because he revealed that they day his father died he had asked him to go to the store with him but unfortunately he had said no, and then his father never came home. He hates himself for that and revealed that he never really had family only having an older brother and his mother. 

Being the biggest troll online comes with a lot of hate and Tekashi feels that the media is always trying to butcher him instead of seeing him for who he really is, but at the same time, he thrives off the attention from the media. His interview with The Breakfast Club is now their second most viewed Interview ever, only two million views behind Birdman. Reflecting on the interview he felt that he was mistreated and portrayed because there are other rappers out there who had cases when they were younger and weren't bashed the way he was by the media. 


With his record "FEFE" Featuring Nicki Minaj now number one on most streaming platforms dethroning Drake's "In My Feelings" for now he had one thing to say “going against Drake is like going against God”, but Tekashi did say he was a huge fan of Drake and has a lot of respect for the Hip Hop giant. Nicki Minaj is also gearing up to go on tour with Future and just revealed that 6ix9ine was added to the show along with two other artists who haven't been announced but Tekashi said we're going to find out very soon who they are. 

6ix9ine has also been the talk of the media this week after he was robbed this week Sunday morning of over $700,000 worth of Jewelry. Detailing every step of the robbery he expressed that he thought it was about to be his time to go and the only thing he was worried about was his family and of course of Charlamagne Tha God would give him Donkey of The Day if he died. 

Check out the full Interview above...

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