Did TMZ Go Too Far This Time?


Now TMZ is known for busting in on all the celebrities business. It is essentially their job. They're the media. But... Where do we draw the line for being in others business? Celebrities do live in the limelight, but they're still human. Just the other day, Offset referred to Cardi B as his wife. The two were said to be engaged, but there was nothing saying they were married. This sent TMZ to do some digging and actually found the two's marriage license. They actually got married on September 20th or last year... in her bedroom. 

Here's the marriage certificate:

Some things should be left private. Especially when it's clearly meant to be kept private. I am positive Cardi B nor Offset were contacted and asked if it was cool to release the fact they were married. 

Cardi took to Twitter to speak her piece. Needless to say, she didn't sound too happy:

Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez

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