Keke Palmer Says Quavo & YG Helped Prepare Her For Lesbian 'PIMP' Role


Keke Palmer not only just dropped her new single 'Bossy' and stars in the hit show 'Star,' but she also stars in an amazing new movie which was previewed at the Tribeca Film Festival in which she plays a lesbian 'PIMP' and which was executive produced by Lee Daniels.

During her interview with Angie Martinez, the singer/rapper/actor revealed how she used close male friends which includes Quavo, YG and Ty Dolla $ign to prepare for the role by observing and learning how they walk, talk and their masculine demeanor overall. "I prepared for this project since I was 18...just now I'm getting out into the world" she says playing Wednesday.

The movie 'PIMP' which is set in the Bronx, New York also stars DMX who plays Keke's dad and the person who introduced her to the life of pimping and prostitution.  "I'm a huge fan of DMX, I love him. He let me ask him so many questions" she says about working with the rap legend on the movie.

Keke also opens up about doing a sex scene with a female for the movie and how she's already these types of girl-on-girl experiences since she "lived her life" and says that it wasn't weird at all to do the sex scene with her co-star.

They also get into the topic of Keke playing Chilli in the TLC movie during which she says that she wants to play Whitney Houston in a movie which tells her story from the beginning.  "Whitney and Aaliyah deserve to have what Selena [Quintanilla] had. I want that for my girls, they deserve it."

The two also get into which is Keke's favorite movie role she's ever done, growing up in a creative home, Keke love life and sexual preferences + her fear of not being able to "snap back" from pregnancy is she waits too long to have a baby.

Click here to download Keke's new single 'Bossy.'

Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez

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